The use of civil disobedience to protest against the destruction of endangered trees

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Clean Water, Renewable Energy, and Offshore Drilling Are All on November Ballots

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Activists have lived in the trees for the past six years as part of a protest to protect the forest from coal mining. KNAG peacefully and productively protest against destruction of land & water. 6 comments. Today marked a watershed for the environmental community and for civil disobedience as a powerful democratic tool.

The number of citizens arrested engaging in peaceful sit-ins at the White House tipped to over 1, in the next to last day of the. An Analysis of Influences of Civil Disobedience in the Struggle for Civil Rights.

words. 2 pages.


An Analysis of Crito in the Dialogue Between Socrates and Crito Concerning Civil Disobedience. words. 1 page. The Importance of Civil Disobedience. words. 2 pages. Sep 17,  · Civil disobedience, by definition must be against the law (both violent and non).

Good job, but a bit misleading. Fielding said this on April 19, at pm | Reply. Thanks for the comment. Quite a few of these NV actions of civil disobedience ARE against the law.

Don’t see your point. Monkeywrenching: Monkeywrenching, nonviolent disobedience and sabotage carried out by environmental activists against those whom they perceive to be ecological exploiters.


The term came into use after the publication of author Edward Abbey’s novel The Monkey Wrench Gang (), which described the activities of a. Violence and illegal property destruction are indefensible, and, sadly, such methods encourage painting law-abiding moderate environmentalists with the same brush.

The use of civil disobedience to protest against the destruction of endangered trees
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