The tourism industry within the service

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Hospitality & Tourism careers

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Tourism in Indonesia

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Hospitality & Tourism careers

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National Corporation for Tourism & Hotels

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Tourism Industry Indonesia

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The global Travel & Tourism industry is double the size of other industry. More than million people employed in the industry in such diverse areas as travel sales and ticketing, hotel guest services and administration, nature reserve guides, cruise ship marketing, group sales and tour operation and packaging, niche and specialty travel sales and attraction management among others.

Tourism theories is a website that puts the tourist in the centre of what is called tourism. For us, the importance of tourism is what the tourist lives and experiences during his holiday and the role he or she can play in the sustainable development of a country.

This is a blog for students, professionals of tourism and anyone interested in tourist sustainability all around the world. An economic look at the tourism industry.

Tourism in Indonesia

The tourism industry continues to play an important role in the South African economy. The latest Tourism Satellite Account for South Africa report provides an overview of tourism’s contribution in terms of spending, employment and its impact on the gross domestic product (GDP).

Tourism direct GDP was R,6 billion inrising from R93,5. Designed for travel agents and other tourism sales intermediaries, the Travel Industry Designator (TIDS) is a unique code that allows your bookings to be recognized by industry suppliers from major hotel & resort chains, cruise lines, car rental companies, theme parks, railway companies, etc.

An economic look at the tourism industry. The tourism industry continues to play an important role in the South African economy. The latest Tourism Satellite Account for South Africa report provides an overview of tourism’s contribution in terms of spending, employment and its impact on the gross domestic product (GDP).

Tourism direct. Be a part of Dubai's Future The 4th most visited city in the world in *, Dubai's tourism and service sector is growing and employing more talented people each year and offering unprecedented career opportunities.

The tourism industry within the service
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