The real digital divide

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Minnesota Orchestra crosses divide between South Africa's grand halls and shantytowns

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— Josh Baugh, San Antonio Express-News, "City to move. Giving Compass’ Take: • Naomi Schaefer Riley argues that the most significant digital divide in the U.S.

is between children with limited screen time and those with unlimited screen time. Summary: The economic divide is a non-issue, but the usability and empowerment divides alienate huge population groups who miss out on the Internet's potential. The "digital divide" refers to the fact that certain parts of the population have substantially better opportunities to benefit from the.

A status report on the digital divide from Credit: George Abe. Editor's Note: While much of the information in this article is no longer current, it remains an interesting snapshot of our ideas about the digital divide in For more current information, visit our Digital Divide Resource Roundup.

The digital divide is most commonly defined. The Digital Divide: Arguments for and Against Facebook, Google, Texting, and the Age of Social Networking [Mark Bauerlein] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

This definitive work on the perils and promise of the social- media revolution collects writings by today's best thinkers and cultural commentators.

Aug 17,  · A quarter-century after the end of apartheid, South Africa is still grappling with massive income and wealth gaps that fall along racial lines.

The real digital divide
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