The purpose of the vietnam veterans memorials

Memory and Form: An Analysis of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

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6 Things You May Not Know About the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

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About The Wall

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Vietnam Veterans Memorial

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The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund wanted, above all, for the memorial to have a prominent site in a large, park-like area; thus, the western end of Constitution Gardens was requested as the site.

The memorial currently consists of three separate parts: the Three Soldiers statue, the Vietnam Women's Memorial, and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, which is the best-known part of the memorial.

To many veterans of the Vietnam conflict, the language of the memorial seems but one more manifestation of the fact that they are an uncomfortable reminder.

Veterans search for the names of soldiers etched in granite on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. (Photo: Cherie A Thurlby [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons). Encouraged by her professor, the architecture student entered it in the national design competition being held for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial to be built on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is located in Washington, DC. Themain part of the memorial, which was completed inis inConstitution Gardens adjacent to the National Mall, just northeastof the Lincoln Memorial.

The monument is maintained by the NationalParks Service.

The Wall That Heals The purpose of the vietnam veterans memorials
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What is the purpose of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial