The patriot film accuracy

How Historically Accurate is The Patriot?

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How Historically Accurate is The Patriot?

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Patriots Day (2017)

Slaves who fought for the Continental Army were not freed and were not paid - both happen in the film. Slaves who fought for the British were freed in accordance with Dunmore's Proclamation of The Declaration of Independence does hint at this.

May 18,  · I saw The Patriot on television last night, and I love that movie. I haven't watched it in a while, not since I have become truly interested in The War Between the States and reenacting. Historical Movie Review: The Patriot The movie, The Patriot, is the story of a South Carolina plantation owner, Benjamin Martin, who leads a local militia against British troops in the South during the beginning of the American Revolutionary War.

Suggested correction: The Union Jack shown in the movie is historically accurate, a combination between the flag of England and the flag of Scotland, it was adopted in by the navy and by the land forces. The version, which adds the flag of Ireland, is a different version currently used but not in the movie.

lionhead. The Patriot is technically a good movie. Nicely made with good characters, good acting, a strong storyline and fabulous cinematography.


But, to say this movie distorts history would be an .

The patriot film accuracy
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