The hyper capitalist nature of the us government

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Is the U.S. Capitalist, Socialist or Something In-between?

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Capitalism’s Coercive Nature

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The world is not made up of downtrodden near-death people looking for work on one side and the hyper-rich debauchers on the other. Not everyone or even the great majority of people looking for work are near death and without any option but to submit to the will of the capitalist.

Capitalism (money) is a method for governing social interactions thus logically and inevitably an actual government is the consequence of social behaviour mediated via the governing nature of money.

Am I Still a Capitalist?

Money is a method of control, it controls the allocation of resources, money governs scarcity of resources. B) Voter turnout in the United States is constitutionally mandated.

C) Voters are usually a microcosm of the entire body of American citizens. D) Most American. Capitalism and Human Nature By Will Wilkinson In the spring ofKarl Marx wrote, " the human essence is no abstraction inherent in each single individual.

The Nature and Value of Economics and Capitalism, Chapter 1 of George Reisman's CAPITALISM: A TREATISE ON ECONOMICS. Discusses individaul rights, freedom, and government and shows why only individual freedom can achieve material prosperity.


All forms of capitalist production need a state to function; "state capitalism" is a term which indicates a distinction from the Chicago and old Austrian schools of economics, which think the government should stay completely neutral.

The hyper capitalist nature of the us government
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