The effect of micro finance on

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Effects of Microfinance on Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) Growth in Nigeria



The role of microfinance bank in economic growth and development is quite clear and distinct as the agricultural and entrepreneural sector of the Nigerian economy has been improved through numerous Micro Finance contribution of the micro finance bank in economic. ABSTRACT. The study sought to appraise the effect of interest rate on loan repayment in microfinance institutions.

Lapo Micro Finance Bank, a microfinance institution in Ikot Abasi was used as a case study for the study. Dec 02,  · For three decades, microfinance institutions have given out small loans to the world's poor--mostly women--and amassed hundreds if not thousands.

Impact of Micro-Finance on Indian Scenario. After the pioneering efforts by Government, Banks, NGOs, etc the microfinance scene in India has reached in take off stage. This paper investigates the effects of microfinance on micro and small business growth in Nigeria.

The impact of microfinance

The objectives are: one, to examine the effects of different loan administration practices (in terms of loan size and tenor) on small business growth criteria.

The effect of micro finance on
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Thesis on effects of microfinance on poverty