The discrimination of women in the field of criminal justice

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Women in the Criminal Justice System The field of Criminal Justice, like so many of the employment fields within the United States, is a largely male-dominated field.

Access to justice: discrimination against women in criminal justice systems

Women & Criminal Justice is the only periodical devoted specifically to interdisciplinary and international scholarly research and criminal justice practice dealing with all areas of women and. The latest biennial statistics on women and the Criminal Justice System (CJS) are out today, but what do they tell us about the representation of women as suspects, victims, offenders and employees?

Published by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), the latest release builds a picture of how females and males are represented in the CJS with data for the latest available year and over the last five years. Launch your career with the knowledge and skills you need to enter the criminal justice field.

Get a foundational understanding of the history, philosophy, and practical issues that impact the U.S.

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice The discrimination of women in the field of criminal justice
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