The crimean war

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In pictures: Roger Fenton's historic Crimean War photographs

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Facts About the Crimean War

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Facts About the Crimean War

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Crimean War

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Кры́мская война́ — годо́в, или Восто́чная война́, — война между Российской империей, с одной стороны, и коалицией в составе Британской, Французской, Османской империй и Сардинского королевства, с. War photographer Roger Fenton's pictures sent back to Britain from the Crimea were the first time the public were kept informed of the day-to-day realities of war.

Crimean War, (October –February ), war fought mainly on the Crimean Peninsula between the Russians and the British, French, and Ottoman Turkish, with support from January by the army of war arose from the conflict of great powers in the Middle East and was more directly caused by Russian demands to exercise protection over the Orthodox subjects of the.

For the British, Turkey and its empire were a market for the export of their manufactured goods and a source of raw materials.

Britain was moving toward friendship with the Ottoman sultan as a buffer against Russian expansion. The Crimean War took place between October and February The war was between Russia on one side and Britain, France, the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) and the Kingdom of Sardinia on the other.

As tensions between Ukraine and Russia remain on a knife edge, we take a look back in history at Roger Fenton's landmark photographs from the Crimean War ().

The crimean war
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