The concept of the connection of everything because of quantum physics

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Quantum entanglement

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Will we ever have a theory of everything?

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Modern Physics and Hindu Philosophy

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Newton would take this year further. But the rules underlying it all may be available. The concept of wave–particle duality says that neither the classical concept of "particle" nor of "wave" can fully describe the behavior of quantum-scale objects, either photons or matter.

Wave–particle duality is an example of the principle of complementarity in quantum physics. Founding fathers of quantum physics across the board, have all shared a similar belief, that consciousness is fundamental to life it precedes material reality, not the other way around.

Physics is a huge, complex field. It also happens to be one of the most fascinating, dealing with everything from black holes and wormholes to quantum teleportation and gravitational waves. Any theory of everything would have to explain all four. Fortunately, the two nuclear forces and electromagnetism are all covered by quantum mechanics.

Each is carried by a specialized particle. Just as many things in everyday world are described by classical physics, concept of deities would correspond to classical concepts in our scriptures.

There is nothing wrong with that. Concept of Brahman would correspond to quantum concept. The Information: Quantum physics has revealed astonishing discoveries, many of which problem many long-held perception methods. It opens up discussions into metaphysical realities, and are thus labelled as mere interpretations because of the vastness of their implication.

The concept of the connection of everything because of quantum physics
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