The case of the shipwrecked sailors

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History of the Falkland Islands

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This is a very rare case and definitely one in a million, there is no way that precedent or case law can be used for this case. Case of the Shipwrecked Sailors Three sailors on an oceangoing freighter were cast adrift in a life raft after their ship sank during a storm in the Atlantic Ocean.

The ship went down so suddenly that there was no time to send out an SOS. As far as the three sailors knew, they were the only survivors. They had no food or water in the raft. The duty, in case of shipwreck, of a captain to his crew, of the crew to the passengers, of soldiers to women and children, as in the noble case of the Birkenhead; these duties impose on men the moral necessity, not of the preservation, but of the sacrifice of their lives for others, from which in no country, least of all, it is to be hoped, in England, will men ever shrink, as indeed, they have not shrunk.

In the "case of the shipwrecked sailors", three men were marooned after the sinking of an oil tanker. Subject to extreme conditions and starvation, the men drew lots after about twenty five days and decided that the loser would be killed and eaten as food. The real life "Case of the Shipwrecked Sailors" followed an incident that took place on the high seas in July The Queen vs Dudley and Stephens became the lawsuit concerning the cannibalism.

In case you don't see it at the time the quest completes, this one completes by opening the quest log and clicking complete. sailors from the nearby shipwreck.> sailors are being poisoned and worse.

Best to put them out of their misery.> Rewards You will.

The case of the shipwrecked sailors
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Cannibalism on the High Seas: the Common Law's Perfect Storm