Reasons for the destruction of nature and animals

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Natural and Human Impacts on Wildlife

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Impact of Ecosystem Destruction

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What is Habitat Loss and Destruction?

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TheWorldCounts, 07 June, Everything relies on everything else An ecosystem is a community of plants, animals and other living organisms that share the benefits of a particular space or environment such as air, food, water and soil.

How Humans are Destroying Nature. the sea, the air, the animals, the trees, and everything really that has life. We are literally poisoning Nature. An ecological awareness must be raised in people so that they may start acting in a different way towards nature, with the hope of a better future, both for humanity and the rest of the planet.

Habitat destruction is the process by which natural habitat is rendered incapable of supporting its native species. In this process, the organisms that previously used the site are displaced or destroyed, reducing biodiversity. Habitat destruction by human activity is mainly for the purpose of harvesting natural resources for industrial production and urbanization.

Reasons for destruction include: Logging for hardwood: Logging concessions in the Amazon go for as little as $2 acre. Fuel wood and paper: One power plant and pulp mill in the Brazilian Amazon resulted in the burning of square miles of rainforest.

Animals become endangered all the time and people are not aware about it. Thankfully, more and more preservation programs have been established to ensure that these animals are protected, bred, and well-taken care of.

Reasons for the destruction of nature and animals
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