Promoting the erie canal

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Erie Canal

Imperial video by Nova Popovich. The Erie Canal is a wonderful part of our region, a hidden gem. But therein lies the problem. It does not matter how great the canal system and supporting communities are if no one knows about it. He believed that his city could only become a major economic force by the building of the Erie Canal.

After years of hard campaigning, his tireless efforts promoting the concept of the Erie Canal finally paid off and on July 4, construction began at Rome, NY.

The Erie Canal was the marvel of the age, and it was celebrated in songs, illustrations, paintings, and popular folklore.

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The canal was enlarged in the mids, and it continued to be used for freight transportation for decades. The Erie Canal had an enormous impact on New York and America in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and its construction and history was recorded in books, pamphlets and magazine articles.

1 Seward, at the time of the building of the Erie Canal, was a lawyer in Auburn, N. Y. In he was elected Governor of New York, and reelected in In he was elected United States Senator from New York, and served until Located in New York State's Capital District, the Schenectady Yacht Club maintains a marina on 4 beautiful acres along the historic Erie Canal.

Promoting the erie canal
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