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There are actually 29 types of organizations that are tax-exempt under Section (c), including chambers of commerce and other business leagues, exempt under (c)(6), and state-chartered credit unions, which are tax-exempt under Section (c)(14).

This statistic presents the turnover of non-profit organizations in the United Kingdom (UK) in The largest turnover, by a distance, was generated by organizations employing over workers. Cancer Research UK is a non-profit organization formed in the United Kingdom on February 4, in cooperation with The Cancer Research Campaign and Imperial Cancer Research Fund (ICRF).

Cancer Research UK’s primary purpose is to put mortality down caused by. Not-for-profit organisations. This page has been replaced. Please go to Legal structures for community groups and not-for-profit organisations for up-to-date information.

See the Sunday Times Best Not for Profit organisations to Work For list, celebrating the best in employee engagement, and learn how to enter.

Non profit organizations in the uk
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