An overview of the coral reefs

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What is coral bleaching?

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Coral reef

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Oneata, Waivunia and Ra Fax Staff. On the far left is a nematocyst along its cellular capsule. In this lesson, there is an overview of what coral reefs are, the conditions for their growth, the distribution along the ocean, the different types of coral reefs and coral bleaching.

Later in the lesson, there is more information on factors that cause coral bleaching and the importance of coral reefs. Much of the information in this section originates from UNEP-WCMC's "World Atlas of Coral Reefs".

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Select a region and/or country from the dropdown lists to access overview information for that country. Overview: Coral Reef Habitat Download Overview In this unit, students embark on a fact-finding journey taking them under shallow coastal ocean waters to learn about coral reef habitats, structure and function of the coral animals, and the common Hawaiian coral reefs that host unique species of marine plants and organisms.

The coral reefs attract algae, which aid coral by producing food. In turn, the algae receive shelter by the coral. Living corals and algae form closest to the water's surface on top of older, deceased corals.

The corals secrete limestone during their life cycle, which helps reefs expand in area. Coral reefs is used directly as a component in calculating Coastal Protection (Corals) and Biodiversity (Habitat: Coral).

For these goals, the extent and condition. Coral reefs are found all around the world in tropical and subtropical oceans. They are usually found in shallow areas at a depth of less than feet. However, some coral reefs extend even deeper, up to about feet deep.

An overview of the coral reefs
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