An in depth analysis of the one act play trifles by susan glaspell

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Trifles Analysis

Wright. Susan Glaspell got her inspiration for Trifles from her real-life visit to the dreary kitchen of Margaret Hossack, whose trial for the murder of her husband formed the basis for the plot, and accordingly, the setting establishes the melancholy, thoughtful mood of the play.

This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of Trifles by Susan Glaspell. Trifles by Susan Glaspell is a one-act play that was originally preformed in It is loosely based on a murder case Glaspell reported on when she worked as a journalist for the Des Moines Daily News, in which a man, John Hossack, was killed and the primary suspect was his wife.

The following one-act play is reprinted from Trifles. Susan Glaspell. New York: Frank Shay, It is now in the public domain and may therefore be performed without royalties. Because it's only has one three act structure, we know the first act is over when the characters finally commit to what Trivia George Cram Cook, Glaspell's husband, gave up a promising academic career to be a socialist farmer (Source).

InSusan Glaspell was the director of the Midwest Play Bureau for Federal Theatre Project in Chicago. Susan Glaspell ( - ) graduated from high school in After her graduation, she had started working as a journalist for a local newspaper.

An in depth analysis of the one act play trifles by susan glaspell
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