An analysis of the microsoft policies on software distribution

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Creating a GPO software distribution

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Configuration Manager Software Distribution

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Jun 01,  · Good Morning, In our DEV lab we are testing software distribution. We have noticed that it takes forever to deploy software to the PC without a tech actually forcing policy by hand.

We are pushing the SCCM client via Active Directory so its on the PC after imaging. Jul 03,  · Im doing a laboratory of deploying a software and i want to do it with group policy. This looks great if you dont need to answer anything when you installing but when you need to give answers like for example which components you will install, or which server it has to point, and lot of other options.

If you use Microsoft Active Directory in your environment, you can use a GPO to deploy the Symantec Endpoint Protection client package to Windows computers. You create a software distribution then configure a GPO administrative template for the software packages.

Jun 13,  · Prepare ahead for Software Distribution. To distribute the software or update package, you will first need to obtain the necessary installation or update files to support a deployment installation.

These files need to include either an installation executable file such as or a Windows Installer file such as Do you have a home computer or a small business with a computer? You have undoubtedly read or heard information about the upcoming new century and are wondering if you need to do something to help your PC make the transition into the year This site is constructed to help you answer th.

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An analysis of the microsoft policies on software distribution
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