A review of the movie quest for fire

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Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire

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Quest for Fire is written by Gerard Branch, based on a turn-of-the-century French novel by J. H. Rosny, Sr.

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Desmond Morris, a zoologist, and novelist-linguist Anthony Burgess have created a primitive language mixing gesture and words for the tribes depicted in the movie. Dec 21,  · When the Quest for Glory series started all those years ago, the adventure game genre was just beginning to hit its grand peak.

People were starting to get a touch tired of the linear paths of Author: IGN Staff. Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire is a game that exists largely due to its strong fan base. After the disappointing sales of Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness, Sierra.

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Quest for Fire takes place some 80, years in the past. A primitive homo sapiens tribe huddles around a natural fire source for comfort and survival. When that source is extinguished, tribesmen 83%.

Dec 16,  · Fire had to be stolen from nature, it had to be kept alive - sheltered from wind and rain, guarded from rival tribes.

/ Fire was a symbol of power and a means of survival. The tribe who possessed fire, possessed life/10(K).

A review of the movie quest for fire
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