A history of the huguenots and the prostestants in france

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Huguenots: History and Massacre

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Virtual Museum of Protestantism

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French Wars of Religion

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Followers of this new Protestantism were soon accused of heresy against the Catholic government and the established religion of France, and a General Edict urging extermination of these heretics, which came to be called Huguenots, was issued in History The Huguenots were French Protestants most of whom eventually came to follow the teachings of John Calvin, and who, due to religious persecution, were forced to flee France to other countries in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Some remained, practicing their Faith in secret. History in France. A first synod of church reformers in Paris in constituted a Reformed Church, Eglise réformée, on Calvinist lines whose adherents became known as hopebayboatdays.com grew to become a significant minority in many areas of France by the time of their second synod in Poitiers in A History of the Huguenot Church The Huguenot, or French Protestant movement, was a major force contributing to the evolution of the European Protestant Revolution.

The name Huguenot was given to French Protestants who were influenced by Martin Luther's preaching in the early Sixteenth Huguenots fled from France, taking with them their commercial and industrial abilities History of the French Huguenots. At one point, Huguenots accounted for 15 to 20% of the population of France.

There ensued almost two centuries of conflict, massacres and wars, as the Catholic church tried to eliminate Protestantism in France and the Huguenots fought back. French Huguenots fleeing .

A history of the huguenots and the prostestants in france
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