A history of smithtown and the battle of smith for land

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History of Long Island

Summary. The Long Island Railroad is included as a subject of family interest because of the ties of the Dunton family with both the island and the railroad. Feb 24,  · Jonathan, b. 06 July Smithtown, New York; Mary, b. 12 April Babylon, New York; Daniel, Jul Babylon, NY, m. Maria Ketcham; Deborah and David lived in Smithtown during the time of the Revolutionary War.

The British had won the Battle of Long Island, the first major battle of the war following the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Johnny Olson announced at the outset of this episode, "And now, live from New York, for the th and last time, let's meet our What's My Line?

panel.". Long Island has had a long recorded history from the first European settlements in the 17th century to today. Greatly influenced by construction of railroads in the 19th century, it experienced growth in tourism as well as the development of towns and villages into some of the first modern suburbs in the United States.

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A history of smithtown and the battle of smith for land

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A history of smithtown and the battle of smith for land
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