A comparison of the archetype of zoolander and the hero within

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Finding the Hero’s Journey in Crowd Favorite Films

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Literary Archetypes in Movies: The Hero's Journey

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Derek Zoolander

A contemporary version of Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth, the Hero’s Journey is an archetypal plot structure that forms the basis of almost every movie in Hollywood.

Christopher Vogler, the man who condensed the Hero’s Journey into the twelve stages we’re most familiar with, developed the archetype while.

The device of using character and/or story elements symbolically to represent an abstraction in addition to the literal meaning. Example: Animal Farm uses Animals on a farm to describe the overthrow of the last Russian Tsar and the Communist Revolution of Russia before WWI. Introduced as a supporting character in the first Pink Panther movie, this clumsy, thoroughly incompetent and impenetrably accented detective eventually went from foil to front-and-center hero.

In The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, the archetype that fits the character of Brutus is of a Tragic Hero. The character which reflects the most typical of a kind of person or quality is /5(43). It's an incredibly intriguing and evolving mystery-thriller that's consistently entertaining and suspenseful, as it uses its small core cast of well-realised characters to drive the tension within its (mostly) single, increasingly claustrophobic location to expert effect.

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This figure represents what I call the archetype of the cosmic shaman. For in this role he is not merely a guide in the passive sense of escort but is, rather, a man (or woman) of knowledge.

He is a being who appears to know all about the life of the individual undergoing this experience and all about the realm into which the individual has.

A comparison of the archetype of zoolander and the hero within
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